March 2021 - June 2021


  • Hackathon
  • Neo4j
  • NestJS
  • React


This project was made primarily over the course of a weekend during the hackathon Hack TUES GG. It placed 1st and was awarded by multiple industry-leading companies.

CyclePath is an application for finding the best-rated routes for cyclists based on the ratings of other users. It uses a Neo4j graph database to store a map and a Postgres database to store each edge's rating. A Nest server is used as a REST API for the React app to calculate the shortest path (Dijkstra) or the most suitable (relation between the length and the rating of the route). Material UI is used for the outlook of the front-end.

I worked on the integration of Open Street Map with Neo4j as well as many other little features like hosting and managing on a server with Nginx. The React application was built upon my own template.